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Early American Child Portrait
Oil painting on stretched canvas

The varnish on this painting had discolored over the years and the canvas was weak and brittle canvas simply from age. This contributed to the paint cracking. The canvas was cleaned and lined and was then able to be restretched onto the original stretcher bars.

Mold - Water - Smoke - Insect Damage - Termites - ect.

Early American portrait, oil painting needs restoration
Napoleon painting, Wallace Collection, England

Primative landscape unsigned
Oil painting on stretched canvas

This painting had been left stored on a cement floor for many years. The rising damp caused the ground (gesso) to fail on the bottom edge and subsequently the paint to loosen and fall off. In addition the varnish had darkened and yellowed as it aged. The painting was lined, cleaned, retouched and varnished with a non-yellowing picture varnish to protect it for years to come.

19thc oil painting rescued from fire, smoke damage

19th Century Formal Portrait
Oil painting on stretched canvas

Painting was incorrectly framed behind glass, causing moisture to be trapped and creating stiff creases. The creases were eased out by applying gradual pressure and low heat. It is now restored, and made ready for hanging.

A.E. Backus oil painting restoration, renown Florida Artist.

A.E. Backus 1906 - 1990
Oil painting on artists board

This painting by the renowned Florida landscape painter Beanie Backus was found after many years of storage in a garden shed. Some of the original paint was missing and it was covered with dirt and splattered house paint. The owner had an amusing story to go with it. Some years ago Beanie was invited to dinner and was expected to be bringing the fish but he was unfortunately unable to catch any that day so he brought along this painting of what he had hoped to catch. The house paint and dirt were carefully cleaned off and the areas where paint had flaked off were filled and retouched. Two coats of a non yellowing picture varnish ware applied to protect and enhance the color.

British artist, J. P. Steadman, circa mid 19th century
Oil painting on stretched canvas

19th century painting 5 feet high by 3 feet wide. Affected by smoke. Cleaned, all smoke residue removed, lined, varnished and ready for hanging.

Napoleon crossing the Alps.

Oil painting on stretched canvas.

This painting was created over 100 years ago, most likely by a student copying the original painting by Delaroche on exhibit in the Wallace Collection of London. It has a small tear and was extremely dark with discolored varnish and dirt. Cleaning the painting brought it back to life.

oil painting, portrait needing art restoration.


Early Americam primitive painting, water damaged