• Repair tears, holes and, scratches

  • Removal of smoke residue

  • Repair of flaking, peeling and cracking paint

  • Inpainting of missing and damaged areas

  • Repair of water damage

  • Repair of mold damage

  • Application of high quality, non- yellowing picture varnish   

  • Written and photographic documentation can be provided on all aspects of condition and treatment.

If both your painting and your frame are in need of repair, why not get the whole project completed together.


Frame sample half cleaned

and regilded.

restoration of gold leaf picture frame.



Art Restoration Services for Martin County and Surrounding Area

Choose the premiere expert in art restoration in Martin County and Indian River County. Contact Tess Everett Murphy for your free consultation. Call 772-834-4529, or email tess@tesseverettmurphy.com.

ornate, antique picture frame restoration
Sample of our art restoration services rendered in Indian River County

professional restorations

reasonably priced

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  • Expedited service for emergencies.

  • Appraisals and damage/loss reports for insurance claims.

  • Detailed documentation with photographs on work performed.

Frames may have lost pieces of ornament or are otherwise damaged and dirty, are coming apart at the corners, or the wire is frayed or disconnected from the frame. Frames or even stretchers may have termite damage and need to be fumigated.


  • Small chip repairs

  • Gilding and re-gilding

  • Gesso rebuilding

  • Recreation of missing ornament pieces

  • Reinforcing corners